Book Give-A-Way

Book Give-A-Way

Train Up a Child: A Parent and Child Guide to Financial Freedom

Camille Taylor and Tyrone Taylor

In America, who makes the most money? Is it the business owners, or the people who work for them? Have you ever wondered how to teach your kids about money? Have you been searching for a tool to show you how to become financially independent? How are we showing our children to live their lives? Wealth is supposed to last for generations. The next generation should pick up where you left off; not start all over at the bottom. 

In Train Up A Child, you will be given principles and guidelines to creating financial independence for your family. How can you control your finances when someone else is controlling your money? The only way you can create a better lifestyle for your family and to increase whenever you want, is to go into business. Why do we search for less, when GOD wants us to all have more? Who can you help with the money you currently have? What kind of lifestyle can you provide to your children with your current income? Would you be able to bury your family members without applying for a loan? You will see how Tyrone got started on his financial journey, and what knowledge he feels is important to pass to the next generation. 

After reading this book, you will know exactly what needs to be done for the success of YOUR family.




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