The Mission

B.O.B affectionately refers to Black Owned Businesses. The intent of this site is to serve as a directory featuring black owned businesses.  The featured businesses will have qualities we look for in reputable businesses as well as reviews from consumers just like you.

But why create deals with bob?  For at least 40 years many have urged the black community to “support your own”, “buy black” or “support black owned businesses”. So why is there still no significant movement?

First, I believe many have only suggested and urged us to support B.O.B. assuming we know where B.O.B’s are located.  I find this easier said than done. With the exception of soul food restaurants, barbershop and beauty salons, I don’t know how to easily locate B.O.B and give my support.  So how can you support a business you don’t know about? Second, there has been numerous times when I have supported B.O.B and I was not satisfied with the service I received. I found myself being frequently dissatisfied when dealing with B.O.B. Additionally, I’ve had friends that have had the same experiences and feel the same way I do.

I want to change this. I want to make B.O.B visible. I want to make every encounter with B.O.B a positive experience. I want to be the bridge for B.O.B to the communities. This is my passion, this is my mission. I want to create a movement within our communities towards supporting black on businesses. Why??? So we can begin making a change with in our communities. It’s no secret that black people contribute towards the success of many businesses.  The black consumer currently has buying power of $1 trillion dollars . Despite our collective buying power, little of our money stays in the black communities or is spent on B.O.B. If I can truly spark a movement in our community, just think about what we could accomplish.

Thank you for your time, these are my thoughts, I look forward to hearing yours.

  1. There is a B.O.B– a beauty supply store that’s next to my nail salon that I support every 2 weeks when I get my nails done. I have purchased something from the beauty supply even if i didn’t really need it–just to support. I like the store because of the layout. It’s spacious and the shelves are not filled to capacity with an overwhelming amount of product. The owner is also very nice and she remembers me when I go in.

    What I do not like are the prices. I literally paid $17.99 for a product that Walmart sells for $10.99. Now, I understand why the prices may be slighty higher but I think a 60% increase is a bit much and now I’m torn. Do I abandon the B.O.B or pay the exhorbinate prices for the sake of supporting our own?

    • Thank you for your comment and for your conscience effort to support BOB. Regarding your specific concern about the price difference…during my research I have found a possible reason. There is a bias set up for business owners in this particular market. Unfortunately we are not receiving the same pricing as the competition and we are given a higher price mark up. Since typically the prices are inflated for purchasing the inventory as compared to the competition, you can see a proportional increase on the consumer side.

      I realize that does not resolve your specific concern (and we do not know if this is the reason for the price difference) but I hope it provided some additional information.

      When you ask should you still support…Deals With BOB believes if the business provides quality products, excellent customer service, a clean environment etc., they should be supported.

      Unity is always important, thank you again for your comment and for supporting BOB.

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