Black Friday…breaking the one day limitation

Now that the holiday season has passed, I’ve been thinking about our Black Owned Businesses (B.O.B). First I’m wondering about the success of our Black Owned Businesses this past holiday season. I’m wondering what type of buying power we displayed to our communities. I am especially wondering what percentage of the black dollar was spent on “Black Friday” and whether those dollars are circulating in our black communities as a result of patronizing B.O.B.

Additionally I’ve been thinking about the term “Black Friday”. Those who know me know I love to play on words, so it’s not surprising that I have pondered over the term “Black Friday”.  As a result, on this past “Black Friday” I thought beyond the long lines and incredible deals from marketing and advertisement campaigns. I simply thought, “On this “Friday” did we buy “Black”?” Did we patronize our B.O.B’s on “Black Friday”? How were the sales for our B.O.B’s on “Black Friday”?
Because the holidays tend to be a time of year where we increase our spending, I’m hopeful that many of us supported our B.O.B’s and our communities. And if that was the case, what an awesome contribution we made.

But why limit “Black Friday” to one day? There are 53 Fridays in the 2016 calendar year. We should make every Friday, “Black Friday” by making it a point to buy “Black” every Friday. This small commitment will make a huge impact to our community. Because a collective effort will begin unifying our buying power to allow our dollars to remain in our communities.

Join me in the movement to display our buying power, increase the circulation of the black dollar in our black communities, create employment opportunities and revitalize our communities. Every Friday is “Black Friday”.

Thank you for reading, these are my thoughts, I look forward to hearing yours.

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