Capturing a moment in time…

It’s mid August and many of you are preparing for back to school while summer camps come to an end.  Or you’re preparing for sending your young adults off to college while graduation celebrations come to an end.  I however was a little behind schedule and just recently enjoyed celebrating my son’s graduation from high school…Class of 2016.

When finalizing the decorations for his graduation celebration, I decided to have a memory board of photos, capturing different events over my son’s life.  As I began gathering pictures, I couldn’t help but think back on the memories each photo brought to mind.  It was during this time it occurred to me, time surely goes quickly.

There’s one thing about time, once it’s gone, you can never get it back.  Time is very precious.  My son’s high school graduation is a moment in time that I wanted captured.  I would want to look back and recall memories of this time.  To aid in this desire I reached out to David Washington the awesome BOB specializing in Photography (you can read about him in my previous blog “Say cheese and don’t forget to smile).  David was a huge support to me during his celebration party.

While I was interacting with guests, David was with my son, encouraging him to interact with his guests while he captured those moments by taking photos.  David captured a time of celebration and recognition of the accomplishments my son achieved.  He captured the village of people who love my son and are also proud of him and his accomplishments.

I know this is the first of many achievements for my son’s life journey.  And when my son working towards his next goal, he might get discouraged, but he can look back on these photos and remember how he felt on this day and become encouraged.  Just like when I was gathering photos for my son’s picture board and recalled the memories from the photos, my son will have these photos taken by David and he can look back and recall his sense of accomplishment.

Thank you David for being an Awesome BOB.


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