When a cold shower is not an option

Here’s the scene….. You wake Sunday morning, preparing for your day, turn on the “hot” water preparing for a shower, only to find your “hot” shower is freezing cold.  You imagine the pilot light has gone out on your hot water heater and you immediately begin to worry because you have never lit the pilot light before.  You make your way towards the basement only to be met by water at the foot of the stairway.  Your worry about lighting the pilot immediately fades and is shifted towards worrying about repairing and/or replacing the leaking hot water heater.

Your mind begins going over what needs to be done.  It’s Sunday and you’re concerned your options are limited.  You begin searching the internet for plumbers in your area and make your calls.  Your worst thoughts are realized, plumbers that are available are requesting ridiculous fees just for an evaluation.  Oh well…Plan B go to Home Depot, Lowes or Menards and purchase a hot water heater and schedule installation with them.

While you’re riding towards your first stop, you are simultaneously contacting an awesome BOB via messenger that you recently met.  Simply with a quick message you inform him about the situation and he messages you back and provides you a complete estimate for the services.  Wait what???  He provides a complete and extremely fair estimate without coming to the house.  You immediately message him back informing him you will be in contact to further discuss next steps.

Once the decision has been made where you are purchasing the hot water heater you have no question who you will be contacting for the installation.  Mr. Eddie Hull of Hull’s Seasonal Service.  Despite being provided a list of contracted plumbers when the hot water heater was purchased, Mr. Hull’s willingness to assist propelled you to contact him.

So here’s the review: I’ll admit somewhere inside me there were still some of the concerns I identified in “No Support…why the black community does not support B.O.B”.  But I am happy to say none of those issues were experienced this day.  Mr. Eddie Hull was punctual, professional, knowledgeable, and offered competitive fair pricing for installation, parts, clean up and removal of the old hot water heater.  He provided exceptional customer service.

I must also mention that Mr. Hull was not working alone.  He was training a young man on the HVAC trade.  It was inspiring watching someone with wisdom sharing his information with the next generation.

Some of the other services offered by Hull’s Seasonal Service are repair/service of boilers, furnaces and central air.  I have already made my appointment for the spring inspection of my heating and cooling units.  I do not want to have a 90 degree day and find out my central air is not functioning.  Better to be proactive rather than reactive.

I would like to say thank you Mr. Eddie Hull for helping to make an unexpected, uncontrollable situation a little less stressful.  I am appreciating my “hot” showers a little more these days.

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