Drink “Green”…Be Happy, Be Healthy

I know I have someone who can relate or may have even said “I have to start eating better”.  I personally have said it at least once or twice (let’s just say I stopped counting) and I start off great then for some unknown reason (I like to eat) I find myself back at square one.

So I am currently at square one and I’m minimizing my sweets, increasing my fruits and vegetables and planning on limiting my meat intake (especially red meat).  But I want to actually stay on track this time.  I have identified the catalyst of my derailment and it is not the result of the lack of discipline rather it’s the taste of food.  I’m sure you would agree, most foods that are good for you (i.e. the preparation) don’t taste so good and most food that are bad for you taste great. Here lies the DILEMMA.

I’m currently searching for options that allow me to eat healthy while providing the benefit of tasting great.  To help in this quest I am going to attempt to drink green.  I know I have attempted the smoothie route before and they were great, but they actually were not healthy.  My doctor decided to burst my bubble when she asked how I prepared them, then proceeded to inform me that I was actually doing more harm than good with my own blended concoctions.

So you can imagine my joy when I stumbled across Drink Green Smoothies.  When I entered the owner Ife Johari (pronounced EE-fay JOH-HAH-ree) was sitting quietly at a table.  As I approached I immediately felt a connection as if I already knew her.  She was quite pleasant and we began chatting like old friends reconnecting.  I placed my order and as we continued chatting she began adding ingredients and blending my smoothie.  I should mention at this time that my smoothie contained spinach, so while it was blending I began having second thoughts.  You see my attempts with “green” colored drinks have not been too successful and from the looks of this “green” drink I began to worry.  When Ms. Ife handed me my “green” smoothie I decided I would wait until I was in my car to take my first sip.  We exchanged some more pleasantries and bid our farewells with plans on seeing each other again.

The first sip of my “green” smoothie was an array of flavors, fruits and vegetables bursting in my mouth.  I immediately was excited because I just found the best smoothie, one that is good for me and tasted great.  I literally finished the entire drink before I was home.

But beyond the great taste I want to share with you some benefits when you Drink Green Smoothies:

  • Get your daily allowance of fruits and vegetables
  • Easier weight loss
  • Improved digestion
  • Detox
  • Build muscle and improve athletic performance
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Energy

I’m on my way towards eating better and gaining all these other added benefits, thanks to an awesome BOB Ife Johari owner of Drink Green Smoothie (www.drinkgreen4life).  If you too need some of these benefits or if you are just looking for a great tasting smoothie keep Drink Green Smoothies in mind.  You won’t be disappointed.

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