Enough is Enough

Recently, several Fridays have passed and I have not posted any articles.  It is not because I have not supported BOB, but with all the recent events occurring across our nation, I haven’t felt compelled to write.  I have been angered by the mistreatment and senseless killings of black women and men as a result of police brutality.  So much so that I began questioning whether my mission and whether my vision mattered, whether it would make a difference.

But of course making an impact to the economic dynamic in this country would make a difference.  Creating a unified economic stance would get more attention and better results than angry posts and comments that don’t result in change and riots that destroy our own neighborhoods.  Supporting BOB, demonstrating our buying power and creating a movement would create change.

Let’s look to our past where we had a unified economic stance, like The Montgomery Bus Boycott.    In protest, a boycott of the buses by black Americans in Montgomery began. It was probably the first example of the economic clout that the community had because eventually, the bus company had to desegregate their buses or face serious financial difficulties as very many black Americans used the buses. Without their economic input via fares, the bus company of Montgomery faced probable bankruptcy.   Additionally,the boycott impacted shops in Montgomery as far as fewer blacks were coming into the city. While shop keepers were opposed to integration, they faced losing their livelihood if the boycott continued.

When I read about Isaiah Washington’s proposal of the black out after the deaths of Terence Crutcher and Keith Lamont Scott where he stated that on September 26  all Black people should boycott school, work and shopping for a single day, and stay at home, I believe he was on the right track.  However I was concerned whether it would be effective because there was no common hardship impacting all of black America such as segregation.  Without the common hardship you would have some that would boycott and others that would not or may not be in a position to boycott.  Without the support of the people collectively, you loose the impact you are attempting to achieve.  This particular suggestion may not have resulted in the outcome Mr. Washington desired, but I’m glad he made it because something must be done by the people demonstrating a unified stance.

I’m asking, what are you doing to take a stance?  You may feel that you are helpless and that you are not in any position to make a difference, but that’s where you are wrong.  In America it is simple…money talks.  If you have something to say, say it with your dollars.  The black consumer currently has buying power of $1 trillion dollars and you have complete control where you choose to spend your money.  I realize that it may not be possible to spend only with BOB, but you must consciously do so wherever possible.  Imagine the impact you can make by simply choosing where you spend your dollars.

While I’m still angered by what is happening in this country I cannot sit back idle not doing anything to help change the situation.  My mission: to build a bridge to the community.  Your mission: to cross the bridge, and together we will support one another we will support BOB and we will create an economic shift in this country!

These are my thoughts and I look forward to hearing yours.


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