Get “Dolled” up this Holiday

With this week’s past political events I was left wondering about the future of our country, our state, our cities and our communities.  I will admit that I had multiple emotions over the last several days, some were negative some were positive, it has been surreal.  Never the less, the ones I’m choosing to hold on to are the positive ones such as optimism, determination, motivation, encouragement and perseverance.  My mission is more imperative now than it was prior to November 8.  Becoming unified and supporting our own is extremely important and I for one am excited about our future.

Can you recall a time in our history when we as a people united and together overcame great challenges?  Do you remember hearing the spirituals like “We Shall Overcome”?  I for one have not forgotten what we can do, what we can accomplish when we come together, united, focused and determined.  With that in mind Deals With BOB is moving forward with building the bridge to connect the community to BOB and BOB to the community.  Our future depends on supporting one another.

Let’s begin our support with the holiday season and make it “the most wonderful time of the year” for ourselves and our communities.  I have already made my first holiday purchase.  It is a baby doll for my little cousin.  Instead of going to Toys R Us or Meijer or the like, I decided to spend with purpose.  I ordered “Laila” a beautiful African American baby doll that represents Pretty Brown Girl.

Pretty Brown Girl was founded by Sheri Crawley as a result of her concern about the effects on African American girls who rarely see images of their own likeness depicted in a positive manner.  Closer to home Sheri noticed her own young daughters were being impacted by the lack of positive images and it saddened her.  Taking the phrase of endearment “Pretty Brown Girl” used by her husband Corey when referring to their daughters, they decided to share it with all girls and encourage them to be happy in their beautiful brown skin.

If any of you do not realize how early and how deeply images can and do impact our children and their self-image and self-esteem, please click on the following link for the “doll test”  This test shows that children have bias against skin tones even when they identify themselves having the same skin tones.  Sheri and her Pretty Brown Girl movement are tearing down these negative biases and replacing them with positive affirmations.

When “Laila” arrived I felt like a little girl on Christmas morning opening my gift.  I was excited to take her out the box and see her up close and personal.  In that moment I felt connected to the Pretty Brown Girl movement.  More importantly, I am excited for the opportunity to give “Laila” to my little cousin.  I am looking forward to the conversations we are going to have about what “Laila” represents and I am thrilled to ensure my little cousin understands and realizes that she is a “Pretty Brown Girl”.


I thank you Sheri Crawley and the amazing things you are doing for our girls and our communities.  You are truly a “Pretty Brown Girl”.  Please visit  Remember this holiday season…Spend with Purpose.

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