Hidden Perpetrators…why you should have your carpets cleaned

Who doesn’t like the feel of plush clean carpet?  And don’t forget how much we like those carpet lines after vacuuming a room.  But did you know it is recommended that you vacuum your carpets at least 3 times per week?  Especially if you or family members suffer from conditions that can affect breathing, such as snoring, allergies or asthma.  In addition to vacuuming regularly you should have your carpets professionally cleaned once per year.  Clean carpets give your rooms a clean and cozy appearance, but they also provide important health benefits.

Allergens like dust and pet dander accumulate deep within your carpets.  Likewise dust mites are microscopic organisms that flourish in dirty carpets.  Dust mites themselves are not allergens but their feces and body fragments are.  These tiny particles can be easily inhaled when an area is disturbed and can exacerbate allergies as a result.  Dust mites, allergens and other microscopic organisms are unable to survive professional carpet cleaning as a result of the high temperatures used when cleaning the carpets.

Like dust and dust mites, pollutants can also get trapped in your carpets.  Without realizing it we bring in traces of pesticides, road treatments and particle pollutants.  Toxic airborne gases can adhere to these particles and get trapped in carpets. Professional carpet cleaning can remove dust, bacteria and pollutants from the carpets with the use of special shampoos, steam and high-power vacuums.

Professionally cleaning your carpet can prevent mold growth.  Dirty carpets when exposed to moisture have increased risk for developing mold growth.  Mold spores can thrive in carpets and can be harmful to your health.  Having clean and dry carpets can discourage mold growth.

Even though the aesthetics of clean carpets are appealing because they feel plush and clean and have a fresh new appearance and fragrance, the benefits of keeping your carpets clean extends beyond look and feel.  Clean carpets can make your entire home healthier.  A healthier home is a happier home, have your carpets cleaned today and be happy.

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