Home theaters…an all day matinee

The weekend is here, it’s Friday night and you just got paid, what does that mean…it’s date night.  For many a simple date night is still dinner and a movie.  Historically, this was considered an economical option where you have an opportunity for great food, good conversation and entertainment via the latest blockbuster release.

Something so basic has turned out to be more challenging than you can imagine.  For myself date night has almost become obsolete unless I actively plan some time in my schedule to be away from the house.  Being a wife and mother, maintaining a home and having a career has left very little time for date nights.  But before you begin thinking this article is about the importance of date night let me assure you, it’s not (even though I do believe it is important).  This article is about one alternative that can fit into your new busy life and allow you to take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday.

That alternative is transforming my family room into a theater room.  The first step in this transformation was the purchase and installation of a flat screen television.  The purchase was the easy part, the installation was an area of concern.  So much so that I considered having an entertainment shelving unit rather than entertain the idea of mounting the television above the fireplace (the vote of the majority in the household).  It’s not that I didn’t think that mounting over the fireplace was a logical location especially considering the space and layout of the room.  But I am all about the aesthetics and I did not want unsightly cords hanging down the walls going to the outlets.

Brightech Communications is an awesome BOB that put all my concerns to rest.  When I spoke with Dadrian Seabrooks about my concerns, he assured me there was nothing to worry about.  We discussed what would be needed to complete the mounting installation.  My mind was put at ease when I saw how knowledgeable he was and  he informed me about the process he would take to obtain the seamless look I desired.  One key step that was required was the addition of an electrical outlet.  Mr. Seabrooks completed the required electrical work, installed the mounting unit and hung the television.  The entire process and installation was completed in a few hours.

The second step in the transformation will be adding surround sound.  Why?  Because a home theater system should provide a high-quality video experience and an immersive audio experience that will breathe life into your favorite movies (at least that’s what I’ve been told).  With this in mind, Mr. Seabrooks reviewed several surround sound options with me and the benefits of each one.  Once I have decided which option I want I will contact Dadrian Seabrooks of Brightech Communications, http://www.mybrightech.com.

So now my alternative to date night has been preparing my husbands favorite meal, lighting a few candles (and sometimes the fireplace) cuddling on the couch watching one of our favorite movies on our newly mounted flat screen television.  Not too bad for a date night, plus we have all the snacks we desire at half the cost.

Thank you Dadrian Seabrooks of Brightech Communications (www.mybrightech.com), an awesome B.O.B specializing in home theater and security system installations.


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