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This week I’m going to hold off on my holiday kick off.  I am so excited about two awesome women I recently met that I have to talk about what awesome contributions they are making to the community.  Kimberly Harrington and Nancy Pickett are the Co-founders of Phlebotomy Express Training Center.  Yes these ladies have opened a school of phlebotomy training and education right in the Detroit community.  It is the only school in Detroit that exclusively teaches Phlebotomy.

What is Phlebotomy?  According the Phlebotomy Express pamphlet “it is the act of drawing or removing blood in order to obtain a sample for analysis and diagnosis”.  A Phlebotomist is an important member of the healthcare professionals because it is imperative to collect a quality specimen for testing to ensure the ordering physician is provided accurate results.  As a result the demand for phlebotomist will grow 25% by 2024 according to Phlebotomy Express Training Center.


Beyond learning the necessary skills and theories required to function as a competent phlebotomist, you are getting Kim and Nancy.  Both ladies are invested in providing the community with opportunity.  They are rooting for their students success.  They are looking to help those that are looking for that opportunity to help themselves.  Having Kim and Nancy is like having your favorite teacher with you cheering and encouraging you towards success.

Additionally Kim and Nancy understand the importance of making lasting impressions.  They have established a curriculum that goes beyond the technical training.  In addition to receiving superior phlebotomy training you will also learn Professional Presence, Resume Building and Interview Preparation.  As I said before these two women are dedicated towards your success towards making a difference in the community.

In three easy steps you can be on your way to a new and rewarding career.

  • Step 1. Contact Phlebotomy Express
  • Step 2. Enroll
  • Step 3. Succeed

The passion these two ladies have is amazing to witness.  Deals With BOB became encouraged with their commitment and their passion for the community was contagious.  Deals with BOB is in total support of the efforts of Phlebotomy Express Training Center and Kim Harrington and Nancy Pickett .  If you would like to help a student fulfill their desire to become a Phlebotomist donations are accepted and no amount is too great or too small.


For additional information please visit Phlebotomy Express website at  Thank you Kim and Nancy for your dedication towards our community.  Your future matters…Spend with Purpose.

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