Loving the Skin you are in

My skin is very dry and extremely sensitive.  As a result I have become particularly cautious with the products I use on my skin.  Finding a product that does not cause my skin to itch, is sometimes challenging.  Anything could potentially create irritation to my skin and when my skin is not happy, I’m not happy.  I sometimes even hate the skin I’m in.  When looking for products to assist with adding moisture to my skin, I unfortunately have had some bad experiences with products that created extreme skin irritations. Usually fragrance products cause irritation to my skin.

This is why I was hesitant to try the Mango Body Butter from Kiss My Lipz 4 U when I was at the 2016 Embrace the Natural You Expo.  One of the Vendors there was Tamecka Johnson Founder of Kiss My Lipz 4 U.  When I saw her table, it was something in her smile that drew me to her and her products.


Tamecka began telling me about her products.  Kiss My Lipz 4 U offers all natural and organic products like lip balm, body butter, sugar scrubs, bath salts and bath bombs, some made with 100% Shea Butter, 100% Coco Butter and  100% pure essential oils .  I explained my hesitation with trying new products on my skin especially scented products.  Tamecka understood and offered me a linen/room spray sample for stopping by her table.

I still was captured by the scent of the Mango Body Butter and didn’t walk away from Tamecka’s table.  Tamecka was gracious enough to offer a sample of the Mango scented Body Butter.  I agreed to rub the body butter on a section of my hand and see how my skin reacted.  After attending some additional vendor tables, I noticed the section on my hand was still moisturized and I did not notice any irritation.  I went back to Tamecka’s table and purchased my Mango scented Body Butter.


With the change in weather, I’m so glad I made that purchase.  Winter is very drying on my skin which causes me to increase my usage of moisturizers.  I have been pleasantly surprised with the Mango scented Body Butter from Kiss My Lipz 4 U.  I have been using the Mango scented Body Butter for the last few weeks and my skin has not experienced any negative reactions.  Instead my skin has been extremely moisturized and the mango scent smells wonderful.  I am now loving the skin I’m in.  I should also mention the linen/room spray that was given to me as a sample, smells amazing.

Let’s continue our holiday support.  Kiss My Lipz 4 U has a variety of holiday gift ideas that are very reasonably priced making them the perfect stocking stuffers.  Please visit Kiss My Lipz 4 U on Facebook.  Remember this holiday season…Spend with Purpose.

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