Say cheese…and don’t forget to smile

With Summer officially in full swing, I’m sure there have been numerous opportunities for photos being taken.  From prom and graduation celebrations to bridal showers and wedding ceremonies, cameras have been flashing and memories have been captured.  Unless you are in the midst of preparing for a particular celebration you may not fully considered the importance of a good photographer.

It goes without saying that these events are usually a once in a life time experience.  You will only have one senior prom, one high school graduation, one marriage ceremony (at least to that one individual) and you want as much of the entire experience captured for sharing and reminiscing about that day.

When searching for a photographer many people obviously focus on the cost of the package and what comes with the package.  While that is a very practical approach you may not received the end product you were hoping for.  Here are some additional qualities you should consider when selecting a good photographer.

  1. Detail Orientated –  A big part of good photography is the ability to focus on the tiny details as well as the big picture. This means capturing the tiniest details when it’s necessary, and knowing when to edit the tiniest details out when they’re not adding to the picture.
  2. Creativity – Always photograph your subject as if it is the only way they will be remembered throughout all time.
  3. People Skills – Builds rapport with a subject in a way that gains unique access, makes them more comfortable, or exposes their personality.  The ability to put people at ease while they are being photographed is key for portrait photographers.
  4. Technical Skills – Photography is all about using the best equipment, tools, and software and knowing how to use them all correctly.
  5. Coordination – A good photographer has excellent hand-eye coordination to manipulate the equipment involved in capturing top-notch photos. No shaking! Quick lens replacement!

Overall they have to love what they do and to be the kind of photographer who makes OTHER people want to become a photographer because they exhibit many wonderful traits.

I recently located an awesome BOB specializing in photography who exhibits the traits listed above.  I am celebrating the High School Graduation of my son and wanted to ensure I captured this time of accomplishment.  Because my son has Aspergers Syndrome I wanted to ensure he was in a familiar and comfortable environment.  David Washington of David Washington Photography was extremely accommodating.  He met with me and we discussed my concerns and he agreed to come to our home to complete the photo session with my son.  As a result I have numerous photos of my son to choose from, that I can share with family and friends.  Additionally, I have captured my son during this time of his life where a major goal was achieved.

If you are looking for a photographer I recommend David Washington.  He was dependable, affordable, attentive and I received my photos in a timely manner, he provided a wonderful experience.

So say cheese and remember to smile because a smile is the prettiest thing you can wear.

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