Soul Food with a twist

Have you ever planned on going somewhere and when you finally go you were immensely surprised.  I mean what you saw and experienced was completely different than you expected.  I realize the internet can provide information in advance and take away the element of surprise.  However, I don’t usually reference the internet in advance when visiting a restaurant and I had not visited the internet regarding Detroit Vegan Soul.  What I knew in advance was one of my friends ate there frequently stating the food was good.  Additionally I recently read a blog article where the author had nothing but positive things to say regarding how the food tasted.

Based on my friend and the blogger I was intrigued to try the food for myself.  I expected it to be good.  What I did not expect was to find a quaint restaurant nestled in a neighborhood giving me the feel of a downtown Royal Oak and/or Ferndale.  This was exactly what I have been looking for within our communities.  Can you say joy, joy, it existed.

Upon entering Detroit Vegan Soul I was greeted by friendly staff.  I asked the young lady what she recommended since it was my first visit.  She walked me through the menu and told me some of her favorite dishes.  We chatted about the health advantages of being Vegan and while she wasn’t, she did state that since working there she has seen an improvement in her health and that she has become more conscience regarding what she eats.

I decided to try the “Catfish” Tofu meal which came with potatoes and onions and corn and peppers.  While I waited I sat back and people watched.  The people patronizing the restaurant were not just our own race rather there were multiple nationalities there.  It was wonderful to see the appreciation by people of various ages and ethnicity enjoying the food and the environment.

Now to the best part…the food.  When I received my meal (which I ordered to go) I actually did not know what to expect.  I opened the container and I was not put off by something that looked questionable and/or not quite edible.  The “Catfish” Tofu reminded me of Catfish Nuggets.  When I took my first bite I was pleasantly surprised at how flavorful the “Catfish” Tofu was.  It actually had a taste that was similar to Catfish.  With the exception of the texture, I might have mistaken it for the “real thing”.  The potatoes and vegetables were both seasoned well making them tasteful.  I really enjoyed my meal and I am already planning on what I will try next time I visit the restaurant.


Some benefits from a Vegan diet are based on studies where eating animal fats and proteins has been shown to raise a person’s risk of developing cancer, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, hypertension, heart disease, and a number of other illnesses and conditions.  When I visited the Detroit Vegan Soul website this is one of the reasons why they began their mission.  According to the website: Our mission is to help people live healthier lives by providing great-tasting, high-quality, nutritious vegan food that appeals to everyone, while at the same time doing our part to support a sustainable earth.

While becoming a Vegan may not be your intention, Detroit Vegan Soul offers an option for eating healthier and enjoying your meal.  I don’t intend on becoming a Vegan, but I do however intend to eat better, to be more conscientious about what I’m eating and to do what I can do to improve my overall health.  With options like Detroit Vegan Soul, my personal quest for eating healthier and making an overall lifestyle change has become a little easier.


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