Hello I’m Sonya Weaver. I thank you for visiting Deals with B.O.B (Black Owned Businesses). I want to tell you a little about why I started Deals with B.O.B and why it is important to me.

I have always wanted to be involved in the community and do something that would make a lasting impact on the present as well as the future. I never really gave much thought as to how I could make a difference and I actually questioned whether I could.

What I did know was that I was constantly frustrated with watching our community deteriorate and blight increase in neighborhoods that once thrived. I was tired of seeing how we didn’t support one another and how we didn’t unite. I was especially tired of watching other businesses come into our communities, receive our support then build their communities with our dollars.

My desire to do something for the community was fulfilled when God placed Deals with B.O.B in my spirit. I was willing to begin this platform and start the work of restoring our communities. First by encouraging the support of BOB and second by providing education regarding our collective buying power and the huge impact it can have. It’s a circle…Deals with B.O.B helps locate and showcases BOB, we support BOB with our buying power and BOB supports the community.

I realize this is a huge task (I’m glad I’m not alone), but it is a possible one and can be accomplished. Why? Because I believe! I believe…

  • we can unite and make a difference
  • we can and will support one another
  • we can have successful businesses
  • we can rebuild our communities
  • our money can shift the economic structure
  • we can control our own destiny

I believe that one day you will believe this too and when that day comes nothing will stop us. United we stand…divided we fall.

Spend with Purpose

Deal with B.O.B