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Deals with B.O.B aims to strengthen the Black community by focusing on economic growth and support. Our goal is to use our spending power to help Black Owned Businesses (BOB) thrive. By doing this, we're building a strong network of successful businesses that also give back to our community. Our mission is all about boosting the financial health and independence of the Black community for a better future.
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Welcome to Deals with B.O.B!
Welcome to Deals with B.O.B!

I'm Sonya Weaver. My passion for community impact led to creating this platform. Frustrated by the decline in community support and the lack of unity, I envisioned a way to make a difference. Deals with B.O.B was born from a desire to revive our communities. Our focus is twofold: promoting support for Black Owned Businesses (B.O.B) and educating about the power of our collective spending. This initiative is about creating a cycle of support – finding and showcasing BOB, leveraging our purchasing power to back them, and in turn, enabling B.OB.s to uplift our communities. I recognize the challenge, but I'm driven by a strong belief in our potential to unite, support each other, succeed in business, rebuild our communities, shift economic dynamics, and control our destiny. Join us in this journey of transformation and 'Spend with Purpose' at Deals with B.O.B. Together, we can make a lasting impact.

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